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Our Equestrian Center features 
  • 300+ acres  ~ 5 neatly groomed arenas ~ 116 roomy stalls ~ miles of marked trails  ~ 6 deluxe porta-potties
Affordable Membership
  • $125 Individual ~ $250 per Family ~ $75 Trail only

The Anchorage Horse Council, which manages the WCCEC, is committed to more involvement from members and to facility upgrades throughout the year. We need your participation to make this happen.

The WCCEC operates on a thin margin. Our continued operation hinges on generating adequate revenue to maintain the WCCEC in good, safe condition, as well as upgrading the facilities over time.

We encourage your friends to join and enjoy this wonderful facility.  We look forward to serving you at the WCCEC.


Anchorage Horse Council is seeking applications for the board position; Treasurer. 


 AHC is a very active working board throughout the year.  Applicants should have an accounting background with proficiency in Quickbooks.

Applications can be send to:


The summer/fall season is wrapping up at WCCEC!  2015 was an amazing year for the center with horse shows, fundraisers, clean up days, and other activities held throughout the year.  Thank you to all the volunteers that make the center such a great place for the equestrian community to share, grow, and learn in their discipline. 
Special THANK YOU to Rebecca Widmer with Equine Assisted Therapy Alaska for all your help on the grounds and in the office. 
   ***Please remember that board members will be actively checking riders, trainers, and other persons on premises throughout the year for proper membership.  WCCEC functions on a very limited budget.  It is very important for all users to be cognizant of this and be patient if asked for proof of membership. Additionally, proper membership keeps the community informed of changes, insures compliance with coggins, and assists AHC; not just financially.*** 

Feel free to send messages to the board via email or FB, or call if you have questions

PLEASE update your membership early to help the board issue membership tags in a timely manner.  It is always the goal to get them out ASAP! 

The Anchorage Horse Council is a 501(c)(3) membership organization, independently operated without federal, state or city funding - with the sole obligation to manage and provide public access to the William Clark Chamberlin Equestrian Center on behalf of the Anchorage Municipality.